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It’s not sexy, but it’s true: the easiest way to make an impact is with your checkbook.

Once a project is off the ground, it pays for itself.

But the initial investment - building a solar-powered water system, and all that goes along with it - is more of a financial burden than most communities can bear.

Contributions from individuals like you are the first and most critical step toward better lives for the people we serve.

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Engage your community.

Bring along your friends, your coworkers, or your company, and make a bigger splash.

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A group of 7-to-8 men using large wrenches to install tall pipe into the ground
Two men standing in the bed of a truck tossing bricks to two men standing on a partially built water point
Christine Huber, a Water Compass donor

        I always feel so good donating to Water Compass because nothing is more essential than clean water and I know their commitment to sustainability is genuine. I love that they don't walk away, but continue to manage and reinvest in the water systems they build.

Christine Huber


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