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Clean water will change
the course of her life

Clean water will change the course of her life

A little girl in a purple dress collecting water from a dirty water source

       Human societies cannot be healthy, prosperous and just without adequate supplies of clean water.

President Jimmy Carter

Clean water is the most essential human need. Without it, life is extraordinarily hard.

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Consider what life is like for families without a reliable source of clean water...

Mothers walk for hours every day carrying heavy jerry cans, just to provide for basic needs...

Children miss valuable class time because they are sent to distant sources to collect water for their school...

Infants are constantly at risk of life-threatening diarrheal diseases due to contaminated water...

Even for the most resilient communities, when clean water is unavailable, they cannot grow, thrive and succeed.

Solving the issue of water isn’t easy.

In fact, it’s one of the most complex issues on the planet today. There is no quick fix, and there are no shortcuts.

That’s why every aspect of our model is designed with long-term sustainability at its core.

From solar-powered technologies to our multi-faceted educational programming to our unique self-sustaining financial model, we are committed to solutions that last.

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A stream of water being poured into a glass of water held by a happy little boy.

Our impact isn't just clean water.
It's what clean water enables.

What is daily life like without clean water?