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A yellow jerry can being filled up with clean water from a Water Compass water point

We provide reliable access to clean water in underserved communities

Our work starts with clean water, but it doesn’t end there.

We focus on three interconnected strategies...


Build, operate and maintain solar powered water supply systems


Collaborate with households and entrepreneurs to improve sanitation


Promote effective hygiene practices in homes, schools, and health centers

Our multi-pronged approach ensures that families can prevent disease, and children can grow up healthy, educated, and thriving.

A wide, hilly landscape with one of Water Compass's solar-powered water points very small in the center of the frame and sunlight shining behind big clouds

Our efforts are focused on long-term, sustainable solutions.

We don’t just do what everyone else is doing, because the status quo hasn’t worked.

We ask questions, we push boundaries, we use new technology. And we do work that lasts.

Because the families we serve should have clean water now, and a year from now, and for decades to come.

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Water Compass installing solar panels on a water point
Solar panels being installed at our water station in Kiziiko, Uganda

We work where the need is greatest

A long road cutting through bright green trees, and a single motorbike driving down the road
A map of Uganda and surrounding countries with the three districts served by Water Compass outlined in fuscia

80% of people without access to safe drinking water live in rural areas. Nearly half of those people live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We focus on three water-stressed districts in Uganda - Gomba, Sembabule and Bukomansimbi. They are home to the Baganda and Banyankole people who have lived, farmed and raised cattle here for centuries.

Two men riding on a motorbike past a small houseA line of young women in colorful skirts dancing in a festival A man in a shirt and jacket standing against a green wall, smiling

Our impact is a game changer.

Especially for Women.

We strive to make long-term changes in the lives of the families we serve, especially in the areas of:

Women's Empowerment

"When you don’t have clean water, life is very, very hard."

Olivia is a mother of four young children, including a pair of twin girls.

As is customary in rural Uganda, she is responsible for caring for her children and looking after the household.

Almost all of her daily responsibilities require water - preparing food, cleaning dishes, bathing her children, washing clothes, and simply having water to drink. And yet, for many years there was no source of clean water in Olivia’s community of Kiziiko.

The nearest source of clean water was over three miles away and she couldn’t afford...

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